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Aero Propulsion Support  Inc. (APSI) is a repair and overhaul  facility of (small engine)  gas turbine  components.  Our customer base ranges from  turbine shops, airlines , military  , as well as brokers covering domestic & international markets. 


General Information

-Exchange units & inventory: Our availabilities may change on a daily basis. To receive our current list please contact: Allan Slattery or Michelle Philpot,

-Request for quotes: We reply to all RFQ's within 24 hours. Our quotes include availability, lead time & pricing information. In addition we supply trace, type of certification, certification date and overhaul facility (if applicable). Electronic copies of these documents are available upon request.

-Pre-exchanges: Pre-exchange units maybe offered on a case by case basis. Upon receipt of an exchange order we ship an overhauled unit to the customer prior to receiving their core. Customer cores are due within 20 days and/or as negotiated.


-Exchanges: Exchange units are offered to our customers on a first come first serve basis. Upon receipt of a customer core we initiate the inspection process and supply an exchange unit as quoted.


-Storefront: A wide variety of storefront options are available. Customized rotable pools are made available at negotiated terms and conditions.


-Consignment: Reducing excess inventory can be a difficult task if not enough manpower is available. We provide an outsourcing solution and sell your material for you.


-Inventory management: Maintaining the right quantities, keeping the cost low, outsourcing parts and have material ready as needed. All important steps to maintain a smooth flow on your shop floor. We can help you make your operations more seamless as we manage your inventory for you.


-Sales: Purchase orders are entered into our system and items prepared for shipping. Upon confirmation of the terms and conditions parts are released and shipped same day and/or as quoted.

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